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Bipartisan Canvass Board Completed

Bipartisan Canvass Board Unanimously Certifies Arapahoe County Election Results 

Process Officially Closes 2022 General Election 

Nov. 29, 2022—On Tuesday, Nov. 29, bipartisan representatives from Arapahoe County’s Democratic and Republican parties met at the Arapahoe County Administration Building to review data and results from the 2022 General Election.  

Deputy Director of Elections Peg Perl presented election results and data, including the number of ballots returned by mail and cast in-person, the number of rejected ballots (and reasons for rejection), and other relevant information. Both party representatives and Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez then signed a certificate to officially certify election results. 

“This is the final step of our elections process. I think the fact that it’s open to the public and conducted in a bipartisan manner symbolizes the security and transparency that are inherent in Colorado elections,” Lopez said. 

The process was livestreamed on the Clerk and Recorder’s Office Facebook page, and a recording is available in the Transparency section of Canvass Board documents and videos from this election through the 2020 Presidential Election are also available to the public on the website at