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Arapahoe County finalizes 2018 General Election results

Arapahoe County Canvass Board signs certificate of election

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office completed the 2018 General Election, with official results certified by the Board of Canvassers. View official results at

The Board of Canvassers unanimously approved and certified the results in the Official Abstract of Votes. The Board includes Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane as the Designated Elected Official, Arapahoe County Democratic Party Chair Mary Ellen Wolf and Arapahoe County Republican Party Representative Myron Spanier.

Election turnout in Arapahoe County was 275,233 ballots, comprising 65.04 percent turnout of the County’s 423,146 registered voters as of Election Day. Statewide voter turnout in this election was slightly higher at 65.2 percent, while the national average was 49.3 percent.

The majority of voters in Arapahoe County chose to return the mail ballot that was sent to them. Ninety-four percent of voters cast a mail ballot, while 6 percent voted in-person at one of 28 Voter Service and Polling Centers. The vote count also includes 8 provisional ballots from in-person voters.

Arapahoe County voters continue to enjoy using secure ballot boxes to return a mail ballot. Nine out of ten ballots were delivered to an indoor or 24/7 ballot box, as opposed to using standard mail.

The vote count also includes 1,606 ballots cast by military personnel and their dependents stationed outside of Colorado, and civilians living abroad under the Uniformed Military and Overseas Citizens Voting Act. Turnout among these voters was much lower at 43.4 percent.

An additional 2,555 ballots could not be counted because the elector did not sign the mail ballot envelope or enclose a required photocopy of ID, or because the voter’s signature did not match their voter registration record. These safeguards are required by law in Colorado in order to protect against fraudulent voting, and ensure that only eligible citizens may cast a mail ballot. These voters were sent letters from the County with instructions to ‘cure’ their ballot by Nov. 14, but did not take action.

Finally, more than 15,000 mail ballots were as ‘undeliverable’ in this election. The Postal Service does not forward ballots. Voters should take action before every election to update their mailing address at in order to ensure they receive a mail ballot.


For additional information about the 2018 General Election in Arapahoe County, please call 303-795-4511 or visit

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