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Arapahoe, Douglas counties team up for 24-hour voting access

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For release: June 1, 2022




Communications Project Manager

Douglas County Office of Clerk and Recorder

Direct: 303-814-7653; Cell: 720-633-4222




Arapahoe County Public Information Officer

Direct: 303-734-5466; Cell: 720-635-9350




Arapahoe, Douglas counties team up for 24-hour voting access

Cobranded ballot drop box on County Line Road serves voters from both counties


June 1, 2022—Local election officials today announced the installation of a 24-hour ballot drop box near the border between Arapahoe and Douglas counties to serve voters from both areas. The partnership means voters from either county can use the box with confidence that their ballots will reach the proper counting facility.


Located outside the South Suburban Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch, the cobranded ballot box represents the first such partnership between Arapahoe and Douglas counties.


Bipartisan ballot security teams from Douglas County will retrieve ballots from the locked, video-monitored box each day during election periods. Election officials will then separate the ballots at a secure facility and deliver Arapahoe County ballots to that county’s bipartisan ballot security team.


Ballots for the June 28 Primary Election begin mailing on June 6 in Arapahoe and Douglas counties. All 24-hour ballot boxes in both counties will be available beginning the same day through 7 p.m. on Election Day.


Find all 24-hour ballot drop and voter service and polling center locations for both counties, as well as information on voter registration, ballot content, important dates and more at the links below:

Arapahoe County:

Douglas County: