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Statement from Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder

Joan Lopez, Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder:

"In the 2019 election, the County saw a record-breaking turnout for an off-year contest, a coordinated election that had more than 42% voter participation, with nearly 60% of ballots being returned to us on Mon., Nov. 4 and Election Day, Tue., Nov. 5, the last two days of the 2019 Coordinated Election.

The Arapahoe County Elections Division is committed to the integrity of the elections process. It is always our goal to process ballots quickly and correctly, and we have complete confidence in our bipartisan elections staff. They are working diligently to complete the counting process and certify the election results by the state-mandated deadline.

As of Friday, November 8, we have processed all ballots received for the 2019 coordinated election, with the exception of ballots that are being held for signature cures and ballots that may still be in the mail from overseas and military voters. We will continue to work tirelessly until all ballots have been verified.

We recognize that there has been frustration with the time it has taken to process all the ballots. Once the 2019 election is complete, we will review our processes and procedures with all of the County’s relevant stakeholders. My staff and I are fully dedicated to conducting fair and transparent elections that ensure all Arapahoe County voices are heard, and we will continue honing and improving our operations as needed."