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Statement on Littleton City Council District 4 Ballot Content

A mail ballot envelope

On Monday, Oct. 23 our office identified an issue wherein some voters in one Littleton neighborhood received ballots that were missing one city council contest they were eligible to vote on.

Approximately 175 Littleton voters who were recently redistricted into City Council District 4 received ballots that did not contain the City Council District 4 contest.

Our office detected the issue later than we would have liked to, but we are doing everything possible to correct the issue, including:

  • Issuing mail ballots with full content to affected voters on Wednesday, Oct. 25.
  • Texting and emailing voters whose email addresses and cell numbers are in their voter registration file to make them aware and provide instructions.
  • Ballot packets contain a special insert explaining the issue, and with instructions on how voters should proceed.
  • We are sequestering any ballots received from the affected neighborhood.
  • If those voters return their second (full) ballot, we will retainbut not counttheir first ballot.
  • If those voters do not return their second ballot, the first ballot will be counted.
  • Only one ballot will be counted per voter.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 24, we have received 17 ballots from the affected neighborhood.

Anyone with questions may call our voter services hotline at 303-795-4511 or email