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Thank You VSPC Judges!

Election Judges at the Smoky Hill Library VSPC

Every Arapahoe County election judge plays a necessary role in providing free and fair elections to our voters.

Whether they're verifying signatures, opening, duplicating or scanning ballots, driving from drop box to drop box to retrieve mail ballots, or serving in-person voters at voter service and polling centers, everyone has an essential part to play, and each role presents unique challenges to the judges who do the work.

VSPC judges are tasked with providing helpful, cheerful and often highly technical service when voters arrive. But, in a mail ballot election system, those voters are often few and far between.

Regardless, these judges put their duty first and maintain a cheerful and positive attitude, ensuring that when voters do arrive, they receive a warm welcome and professional service.

Here's to you, VSPC judges. We value your dedication and service!

Election judges at the Bennett DMV VSPC

Election judges at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds VSPC

Election judges at the Lima Plaza VSPC

Election Judges at the Arapahoe Community College VSPC

Election Judges at the MLK Jr. Library VSPC

Election Judges at the Aurora Centrepoint VSPC